School: Bun Machan

Bunmahon, Co. Waterford
Íde, Bean Uí Chobhthaigh

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Bun Machan | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0648, Page 302

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Once upon a time a man named Owen McIlory was celebrating his birthday. He invited many guests. In the evening they all sat round a glowing fire and were telling ghost stories. The girl Owen intended to marry soon after was there. She was a very beautiful girl, this Carmel Brown, with beautiful skin, dark passionate eyes and blue-black hair. There was a foreign look about her. She was descended from the Spanish nobility.
When everyone had finished his story there was silence for a few minutes. Suddenly Owen said :
"I wonder if any of you know that this house has a haunted room - the blue room they call it?"
"No. Tell us about it" was the chorus from every side.
"Tis over the north wing of the house" said Owen "and they say an ancestor of mine committed a murder in it, killed the heir that he might have the place. It happened one Christmas Eve and on the unhappy Sir Owen's 21st birthday, too. Tonight, Christmas Eve, is my birthday. Strange, isn't it? And they tell us that every Christmas Eve the old gentleman's ghost appeared in that room to repeat the awful crime for which his restless

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