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685,103 manuscript pages, 13,171 photographs and 238 hours of audio are available here

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Exhibition: Informants of the Commission

These photographs are portraits of informants taken by the staff and friends of the Irish Folklore Commission


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Get a deeper insight into the folklore of Ireland by transcribing material from the Collection. Items from The Schools' Collection and the Main Manuscript Collection are now available for transcription.

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  • The Main Manuscript Collection

    This collection includes every aspect of the Irish oral tradition.

  • The Schools’ Collection

    This is a collection of folklore compiled by schoolchildren in Ireland in the 1930s.

  • The Photographic Collection

    The photographs in this collection reveal many aspects of Irish life and culture over the past century or more.

  • The Audio Collection

    The recordings in this collection describe all aspects of Irish folklore and tradition.


Bailiúchán Béaloidis Árann

The folklore of Árainn collected by islanders



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