Dúchas: 'Notice and Action' Policy Statement (08.06.2015)

The National Folklore Collection will strive to prevent any inappropriate use of the material in its care and to that end it operates 'Notice and Action' procedures on the Dúchas site.

Procedure for 'Notice and Action'

Should any material on the Dúchas site cause concern, please email eolas@duchas.ie or write to the National Folklore Collection UCD, F001 John Henry Newman Building, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4 stating the Archival Reference (volume number and page number) of the particular item. This information can be found below the scanned image.

The Dúchas editorial team will promptly review any complaint made. Should the team find in the complainant’s favour the item in question will be taken down and the complainant will be informed accordingly.