School: Clochar na Trócaire, Carn Domhnaigh (roll number 16821)

Ballylosky, Co. Donegal
An tSr. M. Beirín Ní Bhaoighill

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Clochar na Trócaire, Carn Domhnaigh | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1114, Page 289

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crops and cattle will thrive. If a child is born on that day it will be very lucky. Christmas on Friday brings a severe winter with plenty of frost and snow but the summer will be a good one for crops and cattle. Christmas on Saturday indicates a very severe winter, fatal to man and beast. The summer will be wet and the crops will fail and sickness will result fatally.

There is a very strong belief among the Irish peasants, that the Holy Family visit the homes of the peasantry on Christmas Eve, Consequently, the doors are left open, a bright fire on the hearth and the table is prepared for three. Of their very humble fare, they lay a generous quantity on the table. Before Christmas they white-wash their small cabins and everything is thoroughly cleaned, so that the Holy Family might find a warm welcome before them.