School: Anach (roll number 13630)

Annagh, Co. Sligo
Bean Uí Bhanáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0182, Page 337

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0182, Page 337

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    away wit the resht o' the asses.
    This is a thrue sthory inthrothan it is asthore, many a time Pat himself tould it to me, God be good to him ta night.
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
  2. A son o' Pat - that lived down there in Geevagh introthan it was that I'm goin' to tell ye about now. An' a fine big lazy lump o' a lad he was, so bedad afther a bit the father thought it would be a good plan to send him to some kind o' a thrade, but me man o' courshe was good for nothin' in the line o' work, he wouldnt be able to sthick the loy sthraight in a dhrill o' pralies if he was put to it, devila that, so the Parish Phriesht that was in Geevagh at that time God resht his sowl advished the father to send him to the army. That was good and not too bad the father took the P.P.s advice an' me man was sint a soldierin. Well he washt'nt vera long away when he began to get tired o' the job, an' he asked the father if he could come home.
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    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.