School: Anach (roll number 13630)

Annagh, Co. Sligo
Bean Uí Bhanáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0182, Page 338

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0182, Page 338

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  3. XML “Leave him there and it'll Make a Man of him”

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    The father wint to the phriesht an' he asked him if he could let him come home.
    "Aw dont bother" sez the phriesht" lave him there an' it'l make a man o' him."
    So the father sent word to the son that he couldnt come home, an' he tould him fot the phriesht sez.
    Devila ether word was heard from the lad, for a good file, an' this day he got word that his father was dead.
    He came home, an' was there for the funeral, an' in a few day the phriesht came as far as him, an' he stharted talkin' to him, an' sympathisin wit him about his father, an' sez he afther a bit, I was surphrised that ye had no High Mass for the repose o' his sowl, Now I think that it would only be a charitable act on your part if ye gave a cupla pounds for a mass for him, its very likely his sufferin' in Purgratory at the phreshent time"
    "Well if he is itself" sez the son" lave him there an it'll make a man o' him.
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