School: Anach (roll number 13630)

Annagh, Co. Sligo
Bean Uí Bhanáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0182, Page 356

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0182, Page 356

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  1. Patrick Beirne who lives in Townagh is a thatcher. He goes great distances thatching houses for people. His father was a thatcher and so it runs in his family. He thatched our house not long ago. Daddy first got rye straw as this is best, he had also to get rods and had to point them.
    When Patrick came, all was ready and he started his work. He started at the top of the house and brings one "streak" at a time securing it with rods one of which he lays across the streak and holds this rod in place with a bent one which he calls a "squeeze loop," or as it is better known a "scollop"
    If the thatcher puts up three streaks in the day. This is called a good day's work. He makes much money at this work.
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