School: Anach (roll number 13630)

Annagh, Co. Sligo
Bean Uí Bhanáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0182, Page 488

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0182, Page 488

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  1. Clothes Made Locally
    Tailors are not very numerous in this district. There is one who lives at Geevagh his name is Rory Gilmartin. Another tailor called Flaherty lives in Riverstown.
    These men do not travel from house to house, but work at home. They usually stock cloth, and the person who is getting a suit made, he can choose whatever piece he likes best.
    When the tailor is working he uses many implements. Some of these are a scissors, thimble, sewing machine, needles and other articles. He also uses patterns with which he cuts out the cloth.
    Some women in the district make shirts in the homes. The usually buy flannelette in the shops to make them. Most women and girls in the district knit socks and stocking for themselves and the members of the family.
    Some of the thread used is home spun. Mrs Mc Manus who lives near my house has a spinning wheel and spins
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