School: Yellow Furze

An Aitinn Bhuí, Co. na Mí
Síle, Bean Uí Leamhain
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0684, Page 276

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0684, Page 276

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  1. Old people tell us how, in their young days the boys around this place had a great time at Easter.
    For a week or so before they were in the habit of collecting eggs.
    They used to ask their neighbouts for their "cludóg" which meant an egg given as a present.
    On Easter Sunday morning every boy and girl in the House ate as many eggs as he or she possibly could - the wonder is how they managed to dispose of so many. (we would now call it "Glutony".
    Well that did not end the "egg feast" for as soon as dinner was over the lads of the village all repaired to a field and lighted an enormous bon-fire and roasted eggs till they were tired.
    These roasted eggs were all eaten by the boys and people say a roasted egg had a beautiful flavour all its own.
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