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Changing School Customs

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I wonder how our grandmothers andtheir companions managed to live so long after swallowing so many germs because I was told this week about the slates they used in school instead of our jotters and these slates must have been a "happy hunting ground" for germs of all sorts and sizes.

It seems when a girl wanted to clean her slate she often used the sponge nature provides us with, namely her tongue and we can well imagine that the slate may have contained something else besides figures and writing and if so the tongue swept all within i dare say.
Perhaps this accounts for a sad fact that is related by older people namely that often three or four young children of school age died in a house from consumption or "Decline" as it was then called.
In the old days copy books or jotters were unknown in schools - headline copies were written in often but all other work was done on the slate.
I am sure it was rather an

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V. Quinn