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Marriage Customs

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Nowadays marriages are celebrated at an early Mass and the parties generally breakfast at the brides house and leave for Dublin then.
Long ago in Ireland it was very different. The ceremony tool place in the evening or at noon after which all the guest on side cars accompanied the bride and bridegroom on a long drive through the country.
One every car there use to be "musician" with a [unsure] or concertina who played merry tunes while the other people on the car sang.
The joyful sounds brought the people to their doors to speed the happy revellers with a smile and a good wish.
No one had to be told it was a wedding party- the fact was plain to be seen and if proof were wanting there was the old shoe dangling from the car on which the "happy pair" sat. This was tied thereby well wishers "to bring luck" to them.
On coming near the home the young men of the party used to get down and race each other to the house. The winner got as a prize a bottle of whiskey which he unselfishly shared with the guest. After this all went "merry as a marriage bell" and dancing and singing made

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V. Quinn
Mrs Elmes