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Ardmulchan & Dunmoe

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Ardmulchan & Dunmoe
Another interesting piece of history regarding Ardmulchan & Dunmoe Castle is that between these two places there is tunnel leading from one place to the other.
There is still a man living in the locality who went into the tunnel a short distance.
(Wok) Work men felling some old trees in Ardmulchan demesne about 30yrs came across human bones.
So numerous were they that it seemed as if a battle must have taken place here but there is no further information to be got
To the right hand side of the road at Stackallen Railway Bridge there is an old burial ground which is believed to date back hundreds of years and up to a few years ago the tops of the old head-stones could be seen just peeping over the grass.
Below Stackallen Road Bridge about 100 yds this side of the Boyne there are the ruins of a hospital which was there when the dread Cholera was raging.
Years ago when the Religious persicution was on there was a great deal of carried on here.
We have still traces of it in Deanhill and in the old road known as "Lots" Lane.

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J. Clarke
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