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This is a game we were taught by older people who use to play it long ago.
It is called "Ball in the Hat".
Each player laid her cap or hat on the ground along a wall close to each other. The girl whose cap was first took the ball and stood 6 or 8 feet from the row of hats. and all the other players standing near enough to the caps to run towards them if necessary but at the same time ready to run away out of reach of the ball if necessary.
Then the ball was thrown at the caps. If it came to rest in one of them, the owner of it ran, snapped up the ball and standing at her cap tried to hit one of the other who by this time had made good their escape.
If one is hit a penalty (small stone called a [unsure]) went into her hat- if no one was hit then she herself got the penalty and the play went on- the girl who succeeded in getting the ball into a hat getting 3 more throws.
While throwing the ball she said "Ball in this & ball in that & ball in this old [unsure] hat".
At the end of same penalties in

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Veronica Quinn
Greenhills, Co. na Mí