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The Last of the Caonaí

Tagairt Chartlainne

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The last of the Caoinaidhe
My grandmother used to speak of her and quote her sayings so often that the name and fame of "Anne Coyle" (Mrs Madden was her real name) were well known to us.
She lived in Johnstown and used to "caoin" at funerals up to the time of her death about 45 years ago.
People whose ears had become unaccustomed to the mournful wail did not like to hear it as it increased their lonely feelings but Anne did not care: - She raised it every time she saw a funeral passing through the village and always accompanied the mournful procession to the old churchyard of Kilcarne "to give the dead their dues" as she said.
Many stories are still told of Anne. She had no education whatever being quite illiterate but she had a native wit

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Veronica Quinn