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An Aitinn Bhuí, Co. na Mí
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How Our Great-Grandmothers Looked

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People around this locality all followed the same style of dress in the olden days.
The dresses were all made from very generous supplies of material sometimes taking 10 yards.
Yards of this went into the sleeves which were always very full around the upper arm while the lower part of the arm was encased in a tight sleeve.
The skirt was of the most extravagant width with a train generally, which had to be held up while the owner walked.
Everyone's hand instinctively went to the dress to lift it out of the mud when walking across the street.
I have seen to-day a contrivance like a clip which was used for this purpose by the great grandmother of one of the girls.
Nearly every woman wore at her waist in the back a "bustle" that is a padded wire contrivance which made the

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V. Quinn