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An Aitinn Bhuí, Co. na Mí
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A Funny Story

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When Fr. Grennan was in the Yellow Furze parish one of his parishioners, a young woman took ill and was attended by a Dr. Laffan and Fr. Grennan visited her occasionally.
She died in a few weeks and an old woman (a neighbour of hers) was asked what killed her and this is the funny answer "Between "Grinnan" and "Laffin" they killed her."

Since I wrote about the tramps I have heard another little story about an old man (I do not know his name) from Drogheda direction that was often seen in this parish about 20 or 25 years ago.
HIs wife was dead and had left 9 small children behind her and when she was dying he promised her that he would do his utmost to mind and take care of the poor little motherless creatures.
They all lived with him in a little thatched house on an old by-road

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