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Pisreoga about Wakes and Funerals

Tagairt Chartlainne

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1. It was the custom long ago when a person was dying, to stop the clock.
2. They would not put out dust or ashes, or cook meat, or chum, while the corpse was in the house.
3. Then the corpse was coffined, they'd cut three corners of the sheet.
3. The coffin should never go out the same door as it comes in.
4. When the corpse would be going out the door, two men would sit on two chairs at the door, and rub their hands on the top of the coffin.
5. A mare in foal used never carry a coffin.
6. The horse would be taken out three times from under the cart before carrying the corpse.
7. One or three would always sit the can or wherever the corpse was carried.
8. It was the custon when a corpse was going to the chapel, to stand at three places.
9. The old people say when a funeral is scattered, there will be another soon following on the same road.
10. Long ago, no one would go along to a corpse house.
11. They used to take the dead person out of the coffin three times.
12. Long ago, they used not give out any drink till the dead person was six hours laid out.

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