School: Killinaboy (roll number 12557)

Killinaboy, Co. Clare
Donncha Ó Céilleachair

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Killinaboy | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0614, Page 334

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Near Whitemount a fort is to be seen yet. It is made of grass and earth. One Sunday morning a man was passing the fort with his cows and he heard lovely singing inside. The song was - “Dé h-Aoine, Dé Sathairn”. The man outside sang Dé h-Aoine, Dé Sathairn is maidin Dé Domhnaigh. One of the people inside came out and told the man to come in. They asked the man what was wrong with him. He said he had a hump on his back. They gave him a plaster which cured him.

There was another man in the locality, he also had a hump, and heard of the other man’s cure. He went with his cows too. He heard the singing also. He sang Dé h-Aoine, De Sathairn, is maidin Dé Luain. One of the people came out and told him to come in. He did so, and got the other man’s hump. Every night the people of the fort used be seen kicking football, hurling, and horse- riding in John Collin’s hill (Dromoher).
There is a fort in Cathair na h-Aille.
Collected by: - Máire Ní Choileáin, Dromoher
Told by: - Patrick Linnane, Dromoher
(75 years)