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Cathair Loistreáin, Co. na Gaillimhe
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5. The washing the people do after the person is buried should be left out that night.
6. It is said that when a person dies in the house, it is not right to put out the ashes for a week after.
7. When the corpse is gone out of the hose, the room door is closed and no one should go back in it, until the next day.
8. They say it is not right to churn the milk that is gathered when a person in the house is dying, but to throw it to the pigs.
9. My grandmother and Mrs. Greaney were at a wake one night, and they heard the walls falling, and when the people of the house went out in the morning, there were no walls knocked atall.
10. If a cat crossed the dead body or jumped on it, it was killed the next day.
Maggie May Connell 13/12/37, 1
From- Tom Connell. Derrymore. 63.

1. When a funeral was leaving the church long ago on a cart, three women would sit, two faced to the front, and the other to the back, on the coffin.
2. People say it is not right to cross over a corpse or you would die shortly after.