School: Scoil na gCeithre Máighistrí, Dún na nGall (roll number 14247)

Copany, Co. Donegal
Cathal Mag Fhionntaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1035, Page 171

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1035, Page 171

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  3. XML “Historical Stories - Tír Chonaill”

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  1. “Tír Ċonall.”
    Niall na nAor nGeall had two sons Conall and Owen whose chief pastime was throwing the shoulder stone.
    One day they entered into keen competition at this, their favorite sport and their father promised the territory that extended away towards the west to the son that displayed the greater prowess in throwing the stone.
    Eain stood on Cruaċ Eoganaċ (mountain peak to south of Barnesmore Gap), while Conall stood on Cruaċ Conallaċ (peak to north of Gap). Owen’s stone landed on Andevin (no 1 stone), while Conall’s stone went father west (no 2.).
    It was thus this bounty got the name Tír Ċonall in the olden times, and its people became known as the Cineal Conaill.
    Note on the stones: No. 1 Standing
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    Adhamhan Mag Fhionntaigh