School: Scoil na gCeithre Máighistrí, Dún na nGall (roll number 14247)

Copany, Co. Donegal
Cathal Mag Fhionntaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1035, Page 175

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1035, Page 175

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  1. Oilean Uí Domhnall
    Island O’Donnell lies towards the southern shore of Lough Eske (off Ros [Dubh). Area about five roods. It is surrounded by a wall about ten or eleven feet high, and four or five feet in thickness. The wall is substantially constructed of very large stones and mortar, containing many loop holes and buttresses.
    There is a large entrance on gate-way towards land. Apparent by a stronghold, or place of defence in retreat. There are ruins of a building on north side of Island.
    LOCAL TRADITION states that Island O’Donnell was used as a prison by the O’Donnell Princes when they held sway in Cáislean an Uisce. (It is not known whether these Prisoners were military or civil or both - perhaps hostages). It is said that Island O’Donnell and Caislean an Uisce (about 2 ½ miles distant) were
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      1. local lore, place-lore (~10,595)
    Lough Eske, Co. Donegal
    Adhamhnan Mag Fhionntaigh