School: Dromlogach Mainistir na Féile (roll number 10908)

Dromlegagh, Co. Kerry
Eighneachán Ó Muircheartaigh

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Dromlogach Mainistir na Féile | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0407, Page 616

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There was a man long ago and he was going on a journey and he went astray.

There was a man long ago and he was going on a journey and he went astray. He saw a house on the side of the road and he said he would stay there for the night as it was too late to be out any longer.
When he went into the house there were two old women sitting by the fireside and after a while he told them what he wanted. They told him that they could not keep him if he was not a sound sleeper. So he told them that he would sleep very sound as he was very tired after the day. He went to bed and the two old women stayed up all the time. When he was in bed for a while the two old women came into the room to see if he was asleep. He pretended to be asleep and they said it was alright that they would go now. When they came into the kitchen they took down a horn which was hanging on the wall and said some words through it and turned into hares and went away. When they were gone the man got up and got the horn and said the same words and he also turned into a hare and ran away after them until they

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Caitlín Ní Fhloinn
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