School: Dromlogach Mainistir na Féile (roll number 10908)

Dromlegagh, Co. Kerry
Eighneachán Ó Muircheartaigh

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Dromlogach Mainistir na Féile | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0407, Page 597

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There was a woman there long ago.
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and took out a box and rubbed it to herself and then she was a hare and she jumped out the open window. He got up and did the same thing and also became a hare. He went away after her. They came to this big field and it was packed with hares so after a time a man came to them on a saddle horse and all he said was he could not address them that night or tell them what to do as there was a stranger in their midst. So they all left and that was how he found out about her and it was the old boy that made them rich.

Peig Ní hArgáin
(name not given)

When St. Patrick was going around the Country long ago, he went visiting a very rich woman. He let on to be a very poor man. He asked her for lodgings. She refused and told him to clear out of the house. He went his way and called to a poor woman, asked his lodgings and got them. She shared everything she had with him. When he was going away he said "Now I must give you my blessing, I am St. Patrick. Come to the door' said he. She did and knelt down. He said what you start doing in the morning will continue until evening. He went away. She started measuring cloth. It continued until it made her rich. She told the rich woman her story. The rich woman was very sorry she did not keep him. She hoped he would come again. He called again and she kept him. When he was going in

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