School: Cuan an Bhainigh (Bannow)

Carrick, Co. Wexford
Tomás Breatnach
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0876, Page 027

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0876, Page 027

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  1. One of the ghost stories I have heard in Bannow is as follows
    One day some girls went for a walk to the Old Church of Bannow. One of the girls started to dance on one of the flat tomb-stones.
    She then sat down on the tomb-stone and she heard a voice which came from under the tombstone saying "Keep off my head." The girl got a great fright and she nearly fainted.
    When she went home she had to go to bed.
    She was in bed for months and she died before the year was ended
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
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  2. Almost every household in Bannow has a "trap" - a rather wide, flat, light spring car with very wide laces. The car is drawn by a pony which invariably trots at great speed - often carrying five persons. Donkeys draw smaller traps. The occupants of the traps sit with their legs hanging outside - even girls and women. In wet weather the women sit in body of trap which invariably has fine bed of dry straw covered with a rug.
    Thos. Walsh N.J.
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.