School: Cuan an Bhainigh (Bannow)

Carrick, Co. Wexford
Tomás Breatnach
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0876, Page 078

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0876, Page 078

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  1. XML School: Cuan an Bhainigh (Bannow)
  2. XML Page 078
  3. XML “A Ghost Story from the Sea”

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  1. Talking of strange things, I'll tell you about what happened to a man I knew myself. He was a man named Kane and he lived up in the Moor near where Tommy Neville lives now. He was at sea and at the time ships used to come in plenty over the bar up to the Quay. He often came up home from his ship. Well, this night, the ship was in behind the hurdle and himself and some more of the men came off in a small boat to the ferry. He came up home and stayed I suppose till round ten or eleven o'clock. He went down and rowed the small boat back to the ship and went on board and went to bed.
    He was only in bed when he heard a "hello" so he came up on the deck thinking twas some of the men wanting him to take over the boat to the ferry for them. There was no sign of men so he went back and got in to bed again. He was called again immediately and he dressed and went up on deck but there was no sign of a man anywhere. Anyhow the third time he got into bed in the ship he heard the "Hello" again so he darted up and said "What the devil do you want anyway"? No one knows what happened him but when the men came down to get across to their ship in the boat they shouted and shouted but could get no answer and they had no boat to get
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    Peter Colfer
    Vernegly, Co. Wexford