School: Cuan an Bhainigh (Bannow)

Carrick, Co. Wexford
Tomás Breatnach
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0876, Page 029

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0876, Page 029

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  1. In olden times that is to say thirty or forty years ago people generally had greater faith in home made or in local persons who were supposed to have certain gifts of curing than they had in doctors or in medicine or in pills.
    Even yet this parish this belief in certain old fashioned cures persist.
    Many people clain that they have been cured of external cancer of the head and face by plasters made up and applied by a woman still living in Fethard.
    Yellow Jaundice
    A local lady is supposed to be able to cure this disease by putting a lemon in cotton wool and holding it over a fire before applying.
    Cure of warts
    It is said that if you should happen to find a snail when not looking for it and if you stick a gooseberry thorn in it and rub it on the warts it will cure them.
    The snail should be left in a hedge and as fast as the snail decays the warts will decay also. Another cure for warts is to spit on them nine mornings in succession when fasting.
    Sore throat.
    A stocking that has been worn
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    1. activities
      1. medical practice
        1. folk medicine (~11,815)
    Mr Ger Cooney
    Coolhull, Co. Wexford