School: West Waterford Branch I.N.T.O (roll number n/a)

Coshmore and Coshbride, Co. Waterford
James Cashman

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0640, Page 131

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There is a holy well in Killwaterway, Tallow called Tobar na Crocnuighe.

There is a holy well in Killwatermoy Tallow called Tobar na Crocnuighe. Long years ago there lived a family near the well. One day they killed a pig and they went to the well for water to scald him. A trout lived in the well. When taking the water they also took the trout and put the water and trout in the pot to boil. They did not see the trout. No amount of fire would boil the water. Then a priest came and told them to put the water back again and to get water from the stream that flowed from the well. They did so and it took no length of time to boil.

Once a party of soldiers on horses were passing and they went to the well to get a drink. One of them saw the trout and drove his bayonet through it and brought it away on top of the bayonet. On passing the cross at Tallow the horse reared, threw the soldier and he was killed on the spot.

James Cashman
Edmond Morrisson
Tallow, Co. Waterford