School: Caimthír (Camphire), Ceapach Chuinn (roll number 15129)

Camphire, Co. Waterford
Nóra Bean Uí Chradóig

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Caimthír (Camphire), Ceapach Chuinn | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0636, Page 413

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travel on foot. The Delaneys, and McCormacks, who come in families, travel in vans. The McCormacks are a family who come to my district for a month or two and go away again. they show pictures and have plays on certain nights. The Delaneys are another family who sell ponies and horses. They usually come on a day preceding a fair-day. A woman and her son named Weany used sell, bread, sugar, soap and candles. they do not visit my district now. Saturday is a man who derived his name because he always came to my district on a Saturday.