School: Caimthír (Camphire), Ceapach Chuinn (roll number 15129)

Camphire, Co. Waterford
Nóra Bean Uí Chradóig

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Caimthír (Camphire), Ceapach Chuinn | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0636, Page 420

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in the parish of Cappoquin, Co. Waterford. It is a round shape, if any man walked within three feet of this liss he would be stopped. It is in the middle of a field, with a height of stones around it, and an entrance hole in the centre. A man from Tipperary by the name of Burke on hearing there was gold there, came to explore the interior, but according as he was going down the hole, it was getting very narrow, and in the end he h ad to retreat.
The Danes were supposed to have built it for a hiding-place. Fairy-people came into it, the people said after the Danes. Wild cats and mad bulls were seen about the liss. The owner of the land never interfered with this liss, he ploughed around it.
Once upon a time there were men playing foot-ball in a field near this liss. In the evening when they started for home, they saw the fairies playing foot-ball around their liss, and the men started playing with them. The fairies wanted to bring the ball to Tipperary and the men wanted to bring it to Waterford. After a half an hour the men got very exhausted, and the fairies got the better of them so the men gave up playing. The men waited till they saw the fairies going into the liss. When the fairies started to go in, the men heard them playing lovely music with a band. The fairies afterwards disappeared in the liss.