School: An t-Éadan Mór

Edenmore, Co. Monaghan
S. Mac Philib

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An t-Éadan Mór | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0960, Page 259

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6. Tinker, tailor, Soldier, Sailor, Rich man, Poor man, Beggar man, Thief, Royal, Doctor, Minister, Chief.

7. Early in the morning before nine oclock. I can hear the postman's knock
And I cal Mollie to open the door.
8. Silk, satin, velvet, cotton, muslin, rags and paper bags.

Any number of persons can play this game. They stand a distance from each other in the form of a circle and they throw a ball from one to another. Anyone who drops the ball gets a letter of the word "Donkey" to his name. When a person has the word Donkey he is put out until only one person is left and that person wins the game.