School: An t-Éadan Mór

Edenmore, Co. Monaghan
S. Mac Philib

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An t-Éadan Mór | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0960, Page 252

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Children. What the hell do I care. Then the granny runs after them and tries to catch one of them. The person that get in the granny's corner first is granny next time. This game is still played.

Follow the man to the market. Some person represents an old man going to the market. He calls the children to him and he gives each child a job to do such as to watch the baby or to wash the vessels e.t.c He tells them not to follow him to the market. He gets a stick + pretends to be old. When he has gone a piece to the market the children follow him and they keep saying, "Follow the man to the market. He turns back and chases them home. They follow him again and again and when he comes to the market they are with him. Then the shopkeeper asks him what does he want and he asks something as a loaf or sweets and the children say "That's for the man"Then he asks for a box of poison to poison the children , and the children say "That's for you, man" Then the old man follows them home and beats them. Then he asks them what did they do and they say something such as "I burned your hat" or "I killed the baby" Then he puts them to bed and they keep crying. This game is still played.

Maureen Mc Kenna
Tonyfinnigan, Co. Monaghan