School: Gníomh go Leith (B.) (roll number 1703)

Gneevgullia, Co. Kerry
Cormac Ó Laoghaire
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0451, Page 422

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0451, Page 422

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  1. XML School: Gníomh go Leith (B.)
  2. XML Page 422
  3. XML “Old Irish Prayers and when they Were Said”

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  1. 1) May the Lord prosper you
    2) May the Lord spare you long
    3) God increase the health to you
    4) That you might never be so long sick or sore
    5) The Lord spare you the health
    When said:- When one person does a favour, for another
    6) May the Lord relieve her
    When said:- If an animal were ill, and another person saw her, he would say that.
    7) Long life and happy days
    When said:- When a person did a favour for another.
    8) God bless the mark
    When said:- If a child had a bad ugly birth mark, or pain, or swelling
    9) The Lord between us and all harm
    10) God bless the hearers
    11) May the Lord be before us at the door
    When said:- When some great calamity or accident has occurred
    12) The Lord spare you your eyesight
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    1. genre
      1. verbal arts (~1,483)
        1. prayers (~3,266)
    Michael Ó Connor
    Mausrower, Co. Kerry