School: Gníomh go Leith (B.) (roll number 1703)

Gneevgullia, Co. Kerry
Cormac Ó Laoghaire
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0451, Page 399

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0451, Page 399

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  1. Long ago, fairs were held in Knocknagree, Rathmore Scartaglen, and in Borra-Dub. Now there is not fair in any of these places, except in Knocknagree. Large crowds attended those fairs, and fights called Faction Fights occurred.
    In those fights several young men faught side by side, with black-thorn sticks, and ash plants. Several men were severly wounded as a result of those fights. Now all that is done away with, and the people deem it a blessing. Now lorries come around and buy, and carry off the cattle, especially the young calves.
    Every month now, there is a fair held in Knocknagree, and a pig market in Rathmore. Mr William Breen owns the Fair Field in Knocknagree. He charges a toll, known as Custom, for trespass on that land. When a bargain is made, the seller gives the buyer a certain sum of money for luck. That luck is given according to the price of
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