School: Gníomh go Leith (B.) (roll number 1703)

Gneevgullia, Co. Kerry
Cormac Ó Laoghaire
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0451, Page 339

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0451, Page 339

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  3. XML “The New Church of Our Lady of the Rosary - Gneevgullia”

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  1. In the month of May 1937, the parish priest Canon O'Sullivan announced from the alter, that the old church required repair very urgently. Then he debated the matter with the bishop, and they came to the conclusion that it would be preferable to build a new church, than to repair the old one.
    Then the contract was given to Mr. Daniel Dennehy, Rathmore. On the tenth of October 1937, the new church was first opened. At that time it was not fully complete, but now it is a magnificent building. On that day of the opening a large crowd attended, and Bishop O Brien opened it. It was dedicated to the Queen of the holy Rosary. The village was decorated beautifully, and buntings spanned the roads in the vicinity of the village, in honour, and commemoration of the opening. It was the most glorious day that was even in the village and such a crowd will never again by seen there.
    The new church would not be opened until Christmas, but owing to the fact that the old church was a menace to the health of people, the new church was
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