School: Clochar na Trócaire, Carn Domhnaigh

Ballylosky, Co. Donegal
An tSr. A. Nic Fhionnlaoich, An tSr. M. Beinín

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Clochar na Trócaire, Carn Domhnaigh | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1115, Page 122

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departing they left her a box of money but told her not to tell anyone about it and she would never want but she requested of her also when she would be throwing out any water not to throw it on the step in front of the door. A few weeks afterwards Mrs Richard Mc Laughlin found five shillings on the window and she asked Richard if it was he who left it there as she had forgotten all about the fairy woman's warning. Her good fortune was ended for ever by her remark about money.

There was an old man living in Monedaragh about fourteen years ago and he cut a stick from a hawthorn tree, supposed to be gentle which was growing outside of his house and when he peeled it he threw the peelings into the fire but they were immediately thrown out again by an invisible hand and were left beside the hawthorn tree.

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Near Drumley there are still ruins of a few fairy forts to be seen.

Near Drumley there are still ruins of a few fairy forts to be seen. They consist of a mound of grass with a row of stones around them. Long ago there were some skeletons to be found in them. Once or twice

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