School: Swords (B.) (roll number 755)

Swords, Co. Dublin
A. Hamill
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0789, Page 107

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0789, Page 107

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  1. There are various kinds of games that boys can play. Such as stag-out, Cockaroo and many others. Some of these games are played in School at playtime. Cockkaroo is played in the school yard by many boy's.
    The boy's line up against the wall and are counted and the boy whose number is 21 has to stand out from the rest.
    He than calls a boy from the wall, if this boy gets to the far end of the yard without the other boy tipping him he calls out. Cockaroo, then all the rest of the boys run to get by.
    But if he happens to get he has to stay with the boy, and then call out some boy.
    The game goes on like that till the last boy is out. Then the game starts over gain.
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