School: Swords (B.) (roll number 755)

Swords, Co. Dublin
A. Hamill
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0789, Page 167

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0789, Page 167

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  1. There are potatoes grown in our garden. We have about 1 1/2 roods of soil under potatoes. During the long Summer days when my father and brother came home from work, they and brother came home from work, they set to work preparing the ground for the potatoes.
    When the ground was first dug up there was no manure in the ground, but my father put some in it.
    Sometimes in small gardens the potatoes are sown in ridges, but in big gardens the potatoes are sown in drills.
    Ridges are quicker to make than drill. In making drills, the clay need to be very fine, and well manured.
    he makes little drills, then he places the potatoes in the drills in a row, then he puts the clays back on the potatoes, and makes it very firm.
    In making ridges, he puts the manure on the grass. Then he lays the potatoes on the manure. There are four rows of potatoes in each ridge.
    Then he makes a trench and puts the clay on the potatoes.
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