School: Swords (B.) (roll number 755)

Swords, Co. Dublin
A. Hamill
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0789, Page 105

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0789, Page 105

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  1. The games which I play are; clocktime, cockaroo, skittles stag-out and marbles.
    The one I like best is skittles. The way to play it is; to get five pieces of an ash stick, each piece about six inches long, and mark 5 on one, 10 on another, 15 on another, 20 on another, and 25 on the other. Then draw a circle on the ground and put the sticks marked from 5 to 20 standing on the circle, and the one marked 25 must be put standing in the centre of the circle. The five sticks are called "men". There must be three more sticks each about nine inches long. When all is ready the players stand about 10 yards from the circle, and in their turn they throw the three sticks at the men and try to hit one so that it will fall outside the circle. When a stick is put outside the circle, the number on it is added to the number of the player that hits it. Whoever gets first up to a hundred exactly wins the game. About six people can play this game.
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    Patrick Scahill
    Balheary, Co. Dublin