School: Swords (B.) (roll number 755)

Swords, Co. Dublin
A. Hamill
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0789, Page 103

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0789, Page 103

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  1. Once upon a time there lived a man in the County Meath. He worked in a very lonely place and there were fairies in it. Every morning they would take something he was to use.
    One morning as he was going to get the digging fork to dig the garden the fairies took it and hid it. He took up a stone and struck one of them and hurt it then they went and the man found the fork and went to dig the garden.
    The boss came out and told the man that his brother was coming from france in a couple of days time, and if he could get the garden done before the next evening, he would give him five shillings extra for his wages.
    The man worked very hard all day and then he went home. That night when he went to bed a very strange thing happened. While he was asleep the fairies came and took his clothes both working Clothes and good Clothes. When he awoke the next morning he could not go to work and in a couple of days time when he got some new clothes and went back to the boss, the boss sacked him and did not give him the five shillings extra because he did not dig all the garden. The man said that he would not go near a fairy again.
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    James Power
    Swords, Co. Dublin
    Thomas Power
    Swords, Co. Dublin