School: Lios Béalad, Dún Mánmhaí (roll number 11715)

Lios Béalaid, Co. Chorcaí
Conchobhar Ó Héigcearrtaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0303, Page 350

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0303, Page 350

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    Drinagh East. It is about a mile in length and a quarter of a mile in breadth. The name of it is Drinagh lake. There is a river flowing out of Drinagh lake called the "Sgiortan". This river flows into the Bandon river near Dunmanway. It is noted for salmon and trouth fishing.
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  2. There are no holy wells in this Parish but there are some farther away. There is one in Kilbarry that the people visited many years ago. There is another one in Rosscarbery which the people always visit. The people visit this well on St John's Day. They make "rounds" and say certain prayers at this well.
    At one time a protestant man closed up the holy well in Kilbarry because he didn't want the people to be going into the field. All his cattle died that year. So he opened the well again and put cement steps going into it.
    The saint that is mentioned in the Rosscarbery well is "Saint Factna". Alot of people have been cured at these wells. The wells are specially recommended for the cure of sick chickens.
    The invalids usually drink the water or rub it to the affected part.
    People usually leave a ribon or a string at the well
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    Mary Kelly
    Mr Patrick Kelly
    Draighneach Thoir, Co. Chorcaí