School: Baile na Cille (roll number 1320)

Baile na Cille, Co. na Gaillimhe
Éinrí Ó Mainnín
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0051, Page 0065

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0051, Page 0065

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  1. A Local Song

    The fox walked out one moonlight night.

    The fox walked out one moonlight night.
    And he prayed the moon would show no light.
    Till he would return from the town-o.
    He came till he came to his master's gate.
    There he spied the master's drake.
    "I will spare you your life for the master's sake.
    For he is the honestest man in the town-o".
    The little gray goose stood behind the stack.
    "Oh, little gray goose if you would be fat,
    I would grease my beard and hoist you on my back,
    And I would gallop with you over the town-o".
    This old woman sat up in the bed and she seized her old husband by the hair of the head.
    "Get up you old schemer, the gray goose is dead, and Reynard is leaving the town-o".
    Then he got up of his own free will,
    and he sounded his horn loud and shrill.
    "Bedad" said Reynard "I am all right still I have music to play me over the town-o".
    When Reynard came to his own little den.
    There she had young ones nine or ten.
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    1. seánra
      1. filíocht
        1. filíocht na ndaoine (~9,504)
    Patrick Martin
    Na Lisíní, Co. na Gaillimhe
    Hugh Martin
    Na Lisíní, Co. na Gaillimhe