School: Carnadough (B.), Newtowncashel

Cornadowagh, Co. Longford
P. Eustace

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Battle of Knockcrockery

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0753, Page 311

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There is a bog convenient to my house and I often heard the people say there was a war fought on the edge of it long ago. One day long ago there lived convenient to this bog, a widow woman and her son in a little house. One day her son was out ploughing in a field beside the house. When it came to dinner time the widow woman went out to call him to his dinner. But when she went to the field she could not see him. She could see nothing only the horses and plough in the field. So she went back to the house again and she did not know what to do. Every day a little man used to come in to her for milk, so she told him the story that her son had been stolen away. So the little man told her that he would get back her son for her. The fairies had taken away her son. So the little man raised an army against the queen of the fairies who lived at Knockcrockery in Co Roscommon. So the war started at Knockcrockery and was fought along the edge of the bog and ended in Streamstown fort. So the little mans army won and the widow woman got back her son.

Domhnaill Ó Fearghaill
Cloonmee, Co. Longford