School: Carnadough (B.), Newtowncashel

Cornadowagh, Co. Longford
P. Eustace
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0753, Page 347

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0753, Page 347

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  1. My fathers farm is situated in the townland of Newpark. Newpark means "New Field". During the reign of the landlords, Newpark was known as Cordarra, which means "The hill of the oaks",. There was a big field in Newpark which to the landlord it belonged, and it was divided on all the people.
    Every field has its own name in Newpark. One is called Rhatigan's field, it was owned by long ago by a man named Rhatigan. The ruins of his house are to be seen on this field yet. Another is called Cosn's field. Others are called the meadow fields, because every year there were meadows kept in it, there are more fields joining Lisnacusha, and they are called the forth fields. There is another field called the "well field", because there is a well in this field known as "Luadog". Another long field. Another is called Dowd's fields, and others the bog gardens, because they are joining the bog. The bigged field in Newpark is called "the Curraugh". Every household owns a portion of this field, they have cattle, cows, horses, and asses grazing on it.
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    Newpark, Co. Longford
    Peadar Ó Muircheartaigh
    Newpark, Co. Longford