School: Carnadough (B.), Newtowncashel

Cornadowagh, Co. Longford
P. Eustace
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0753, Page 306

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0753, Page 306

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  1. In my townland there is a fort and this is a short description of it. It is roughly forthy five yards in diameter and forms a complete circle except where the cattle have made pass ways through it. It is on a higher level than the surrounding fields. It is now enclosed with white thorn bushes and a few ancient trees which no one dares to interfere with.
    The following a story which an Cornadough man told me some time ago. In the townland of Clogher there is a fort, and a strange story is told about it. It was said that at about eleven o'clock at night the people heard music and dancing in the fort. They also heard the fairies riding their horses through the garden and street. Once I was in the fort and I noticed that in the middle of it, there is no grass growing and it is said that there are rooms under the ground. It was also said that there was a man digging for gold in this fort and when he was lifting it he died. Some nights you may see lights in the fort. There was once a man cutting bushes in a fort and he got a thorn in his hand and died.
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    Proinseas Ó Cathasaigh
    Ballagh, Co. Longford