School: Árdán, An Bháinseach

Ardane, Co. Tipperary
Micheál Ó Gormáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0574, Page 150

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0574, Page 150

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    Two brothers, Richard and William Burke, lived in Cappa Castle. They loved each other very much. They bboth married William remaining in Cappa with his wife, while Richard and his wife settled elsewhere.
    William's wife seems to have some great aversion to Richard and made it plain to her husband that he was not to be invited to Cappa and that it was her wish that the brothers held no communication whatever with each other.
    William felt the speration from his brothers very keenly and often bgged (and often) of begged her to overcome her dislike of Richard and allow hime to be invited to his old home. She
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