School: Árdán, An Bháinseach

Ardane, Co. Tipperary
Micheál Ó Gormáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0574, Page 159

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0574, Page 159

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  1. XML School: Árdán, An Bháinseach
  2. XML Page 159
  3. XML “The Glen of Aherlow”

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  1. Though jewels may bedeck the
    Sweet Isle of the ocean,
    Whose lustre is brazoned with
    pencil and pen,
    The gem that is brightest and
    chains my devotion,
    Is my native valley old
    Aherlow's Glen.
    The Glen of Aherlow is situated at the extreme southwestern corner of the County of Tipperary On its north is a low partly wooden range of hills. A portion of this range of hills is known locally as Sliabh na Muck There is a legend told of how it came to be know as this name. During the wanderings of FIonn Mac Cuhal he came to the Glen
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