School: Árdán, An Bháinseach

Ardane, Co. Tipperary
Micheál Ó Gormáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0574, Page 141

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0574, Page 141

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  1. What is it that has eight arms but no hand, a wooden leg but cannot stand, is often wet but cannot feel, has no boots but is shod with steel, a dress of silk with a belt round the middle now can you guess this silly riddle?
    An umbrella.
    What is the most dangerous time of the year? Spring - because the cowslips about the bull-rushes are out and all the buds are shooting.
    When is a building like a bird?
    When it has wings on.
    What is taken from you before you get it? Your photo.
    What is the first thing happens to you when you fall into the sea? Get wet.
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