School: Drumraney (roll number 13571)

Drumraney, Co. Westmeath
Ml Mc Garry Alice Mc Garry
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0747, Page 652

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0747, Page 652

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  1. It is unlucky for anybody to let a mirror fall
    There is a lot of superstitions connected with May day. It is counted unlucky to give away milk on that day, and a person should wash his face in the dew first thing on a May morning.
    No person should go into a house for a coal for his pipe while the people are churning, because it is said he will take the butter with him.
    If the ashes is thrown out on a Monday the house will be dirty for the rest of the week.
    A cock crows during the night should be brought to the first cross-roads and let out.
    Collected by Mary McHugh, Ardnagrath

    If a salt cellar is broken in a house, the person who lets it fall will have good luck for five years.
    If a person is throwing out water at night he says "Slan do luct" which means may this water not fall on anyone.
    If a cat washes her face beside the fire it is a sign that there will be a dance in that house soon.
    If a dog is seen with a briar out of his tail it is a sign of a stranger coming.
    If a cock is heard crowing in the middle of the
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    Agnes Moran
    Toorbeg, Co. Westmeath