School: Druim Mór

Dromore, Co. Sligo
Seosamh Ó Catháin

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The Lawyer and the Calf

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0167, Page 0447

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Some years ago there lived a poor man in Rathlee. He had one calf and he wished to sell him as quickly as possible. One day a man came to his house and bought the calf from him. He said he would come the next day for the calf.
Later in the day another came to buy the calf. The poor man sold him the calf and got paid for him. This man also said he would come the next day for the calf. Before night another man came and bought the calf and paid for him. He also said he would return next day for the calf. Now when all three men were gone the poor man did not know what to do. He had now sold the calf to three men and which of them was to get the calf. When he got his hands on the money he didn't care about handing it back to two of them and handing the calf to the third man. Next day all three men came for the calf. The poor man came out to them and told them that as far as he was concerned any of them could have the calf. The three men decided to leave him the calf and sue him for their money. This they did and the poor man got a ticket to appear at Quarterly Sessions in Sligo. On the morning of the trial he set off for Sligo. On the way he met a lawyer. He asked the poor man where he was going. He told him what had happened. The lawyer said he would defend the case and also win the case for him but he would have to promise to give him the calf in return. The poor man agreed and both set off for Sligo. "Now before I can do anything for you, you must act the amadán" said the lawyer. "Tie a straw rope on your hat, your wrists and under your knees. Then have hot potatoes inside your coat and you must eat them in court. When your

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Seosamh Ó Catháin
Dromore West, Co. Sligo
Bartley Fox
Farranmacfarrell, Co. Sligo