Scoil: An Gleantán, Lombardstown

An Gleanntán, Co. Chorcaí
Tomás Ó Colmáin

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Local Tradition - The Priest and the Master of the Duhallow Hunt

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About a quarter of a mile from the Mallow Sugar Factory is a Convent called Mount Alvernia. The nuns got possession of this place about five years ago when it was sold by its previous owner Mr Leahy, whose father was a landlord, who succeeded a gentleman named Mr Ware.
Mr Ware was Master of the Duhallow Foxhounds for many years.
The Parish Priest of Kilshannig at that time was very fond of hunting and kept a good hunter.
One day when out in the hunt the Priests horse was in front of all the others. The master of the hounds rode up to the Priest and shouted in an angry tone, "Go back, you Sir, and do not trample the dogs".
The priest said nothing, but pulled up his horse and returned home.
That evening Mr Ware gave a dinner to the members of the Hunt. When he took his place at the table most of the guests appeared to be most uncomfortable and could not keep their handkerchiefs away from their noses, the scent of the fox was so strong int he room.

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T. Coleman
An Gleanntán, Co. Chorcaí
Mr Michael Singleton
An Gleanntán, Co. Chorcaí